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Available in various sizes; each size is limited to 40 editions

Inspired by my travels along highways primarily in Ontario and Quebec but as far away as Italy, I have taken photographs of fleeting images out the window of a moving vehicle.  The use of movement and digitalization combined with a slow shutter speed, transforms the familiar into images which have an ethereal and otherworldly essence.  The resultant impressionist quality encourages observers to renew their appreciation for the mystery of life around them.

"Nancy makes use of what British psychiatrist Anthony Storr (1920 to 2001) called "the playground of the imagination", using her imagination and creativity to "play" with what she photographs.  Her engaging photoworks depict her awareness of the beauties of the world around us."

Hallet, Susan:  "Nancy Halpin, artist and chef" , The Epoch Times, Nov. 23-29, 2012, B8

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